Terms & Conditions

Lodges Northumberland

Terms & Conditions

Lodges Northumberland accept reservations made by Telephone on 07954 225 950, online at www.Lodgesnorthumberland.co.uk or via email at Lodgesnorthumberland@gmail.com.

1. Contract of Hire

By making a booking, paying a deposit or paying in full, the hirer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and accepts all liability for theirs and their guests actions. The Contract of Hire is not effective until confirmed via email, to the hirer, by Lodges Northumberland.

Lodges Northumberland does not accept bookings from persons under the age of 18.

Orchid Lodge and Forest View Lodge are privately owned by Lodges Northumberland. Therefore for these two lodges the contract is between the you "the hirer" and Lodges Northumberland. 

The Hirer may not assign or transfer the Contract of Hire to any other person without the prior written consent of Lodges Northumberland.

The Contract of Hire is a license to the Hirer and their guests to stay in the property during the specified hire period. The Hirer and their guests have no right to remain in the property after the period of hire and shall not be entitled to any statutory security of tenure.

2.Initial Payment

Bookings will only be confirmed upon receipt by Lodges Northumberland, of the required deposit payment, which is £100 of the cost of the hire of the property. The Deposit is non-refundable.

If the booking is made within 8 weeks of the holiday commencement date, the full accommodation rental will be required, before the booking will be confirmed.

3. Balance Payment

The balance of the cost of the hire of the property will be due for payment 8 weeks before the holiday commencement date.

The hire may be cancelled where full payment in cleared funds has not been received 28 days before the holiday commencement date. The Deposit is non-refundable.

4. Security Deposit

Lodges Northumberland does not take a breakage deposit. Customers are expected to pay for any damage caused to the Lodges  

5. Arrival/Departure Times.

Check in is 3pm – Check out is 10am.

Check in is from 3pm to 8pm. If the hirer intends to arrive after 8pm they should telephone 07954 225 950 before 5pm on the day of arrival to make alternative arrangements for key collection, No liability will be accepted for arrivals after 8pm without confirmation from Lodges Northumberland.

Check out is 10am on the day of departure.

6. Damage

All damages and breakages that occur during the hire period are the legal responsibility of the Hirer and should be notified to Lodges Northumberland before the end of the hire period. Any damage is expected to be paid for by the Hirer.

7. Confirmation of Booking

Once Lodges Northumberland has issued a Confirmation of booking email, the Hirer is responsible for the total price of the hire of the property for the hire period.

Any amendments to an existing booking are not effective until acceptance by email by Lodges Northumberland.

8. Booking Cancellation

The Hirer must inform Lodges Northumberland immediately if they wish to cancel their booking.

If the Hirer cancels their booking more than 8 weeks before the commencement date, the Deposit will not be refundable, but the balance of the cost of the hire will be refunded if already paid.

Please note all deposits are non refundable.

If the Hirer cancels their booking within eight weeks of the holiday commencement date the Hirer will remain liable for the full cost of the hire of the property for the holiday period.

9. Holiday Insurance

The Hirer is strongly advised to arrange holiday insurance that includes cover for cancellation and the personal property of the Hirer.

10. Party Numbers

Unless authorised by Lodges Northumberland by email, under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons occupy the property hired. Namely 4 people in a two bedroom home and 6 people in a 3 bedroom home. Lodges Northumberland and the owner reserve the right to refuse admittance or cancel the booking if additional persons occupy the home during the rental period. In addition Lodges Northumberland and the Owner reserves the right to refuse or cancel any bookings from parties that may, in either of their opinions and in their sole discretion, be unsuitable for the property concerned or carry out any illegal activity.

In the event of such a cancellation, Lodges Northumberland will refund the cost of hire on a pro-rata basis less any damages. No other compensation will be payable to the hirer.

The Hirer must notify Lodges Northumberland as soon as possible if the number of guests staying at the property will be different from the number specified when the Hirer made the booking or are in excess of the maximum stated above. The Hirer must also notify Lodges Northumberland of the names and ages of the new guests.

11. Hirer’s Responsibilities

The Hirer is responsible for the property and is expected to take all reasonable care of it.

The Hirer must comply with the following conditions at all times.


The property must be left clean and tidy, all equipment and utensils etc must be clean and put away at the end of the hire period. Should the property be found to require extra cleaning as a result of the condition in which it has been left, then these additional costs will be charged to the security deposit.


BBQ's are prohibited on all areas of Felmoor Holiday Park by order of Northumberland Fire and Rescue

Bins & Recycling

The Hirer should remove all waste from the home and place it in the general waste and recycling bins located next to the reception.

Please help the environment – Bottles, Paper, Glass and plastics should be separated and placed in the recycling bins next to the reception.

If waste is left in the home a removal charge of £20 to collect and dispose of it will be charged to the security deposit.


Smoking is not permitted in any Lodges Northumberland property.

12. Pets

Pets are only permitted where this is expressly stated in the details of the property and where the Hirer has specified that they wish to bring pets when providing their booking details.

A maximum of 2 pets are allowed in our properties.

Pets are not permitted on furniture or on beds. Every effort must be made to minimise additional mess created by having a pet on holiday and any extra costs incurred as a result of pets will be charged to the security deposit.

Pet owners must clean up after their pets anywhere on Felmoor Park and the pets must be kept on a lead.

Under no circumstances must a pet be left unattended in the property. Lodges Northumberland or the Owner accepts no responsibility for pets left unattended and any damage to the property by pets will be charged to the Hirer.

13. Use of the Accommodation & Amenities

Lodges Northumberland or the Owner may repossess the property at any time and terminate the hire of the property where the Hirer or any member of the Hirer’s party has caused excessive noise or damage or is found or reasonably suspected to be conducting themselves in an illegal, offensive or anti-social fashion.

In such circumstances the Hirer shall not be entitled to any refund of the hire price of the property.

The Hirer shall permit Lodges Northumberland or the Owner to access the property at reasonable times during the holiday for inspection or to carry out maintenance, and Lodges Northumberland and the Owner shall retain keys for the property for this purpose.

14. Availability

The Contract of Hire is made on the understanding that the property advertised will be available and fit for use for the dates stated. In the unlikely event that the property is not available or fit for use through events arising outside the control of Lodges Northumberland or the Owner, then the Hirer’s booking may be cancelled or varied.

At its sole discretion Lodges Northumberland or the owner may offer the Hirer suitable alternative accommodation, which if not acceptable to the Hirer, will entitle the Hirer to a full refund on a pro-rata basis.

Neither Lodges Northumberland nor the Owner shall be liable to the Hirer for any other costs, expenses or loss suffered by the Hirer or their guests as a consequence of cancelling or varying the booking in accordance with this clause.

15. Advertised Facilities

Not all items, equipment or facilities advertised may be available at all times due to breakdown, malfunction, or other reasons. The management of Lodges Northumberland will try to rectify any malfunctions as soon as possible but no refund of any or all of the money paid by the customer will be made.

16. Services

Rental charges include bed linen and towels for use during your stay. Beds will be made up prior to your arrival and linen and towels will be changed at the end of each rental. Electricity, LPG and water are included within the rental charge.

17. Care of the Property

The Hirer and their guests shall take all reasonable and proper care of the property and its furniture, pictures, fittings and effects in or on the property and leave them in the same state of repair and in the same clean and tidy condition as they were found at the start of the rental. No candles or any other ignition sources (i.e Matches/Lighters) are to be used in the lodges or on the decking.

18 Fixtures & Fittings

All fixtures, fittings and equipment must be used solely for their intended purpose.

19. Breakages, Damage or Missing Items

The Hirer is legally bound to reimburse Lodges Northumberland for breakages, damage, missing items or excessive cleaning caused by the party during the period of the rental.

20. Children

Children must be supervised at all times. This is particularly important when using the play ground, swim Spa, hot tub and whilst in the vicinity of the lake.

21. Visitors

The Hirer is responsible for the behaviour of any visitors they invite onto Felmoor Park during their stay. Visiting guests are not permitted to stay overnight.

22. Parking

There should be no parking on the grass. Vehicles, accessories and contents are left entirely at the Hirer's risk. Lodges Northumberland will not be responsible for any loss or damage from, or to, any vehicle. Repairs to vehicles (except emergency repairs) must not be carried out on the park.

23. Left Property

A minimum charge of £10 is made for the return of left property after the Hirer's departure. Items too large to post will be kept for one month before being donated to charity. We cannot be held responsible for items reported lost which cannot be found. Property is at all times the responsibility of the owner.

24. Liability

Lodges Northumberland cannot accept liability for any damage, expense, injury, death or loss of any nature whatsoever suffered by any person(s) from any cause other than from proven negligence on the part of Lodges Northumberland or their employees. The Hirer must take all necessary steps to safeguard their personal property and no liability to them is accepted by Lodges Northumberland in respect of damage to or loss of such property.

25. Unforeseen Circumstances

Lodges Northumberland cannot accept responsibility where the performance of our contract with the hirer is prevented due to circumstances beyond their control. These circumstances include any event which they could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such circumstances include the destruction or damage of property through fire, flood, storm or other extreme weather damage, break-in, criminal damage and all similar situations beyond their control.

26. Hot Tubs

Access to the Hot tub is required everyday for a chemical balance check either by Lodges Northumberland or the Owner. This check will take place in normal daytime hours. This check will not require access to the inside of the lodge.

27. Privacy

Protecting the hirer's privacy is important to Lodges Northumberland and they will strive to keep personal information confidential. Details will be kept on their database to enable them to keep the hirer up to date with any future offers, information or mailings. They do not give any information to third parties or use information gathered in any other way than those described above. If required by law or legal process to disclose personal information, they will do so only in accordance with the law.

28. Site Rules

All occupiers and guests to Felmoor Park are expected to abide by the Site Rules.

29. Complaints

Lodges Northumberland endeavour to ensure that everything is to the Hirer's satisfaction during their stay. Should there be any cause for complaint the Hirer should contact Lodges Northumberland as soon as possible so the situation may be resolved.

30. Changes to Terms and Conditions

Lodges Northumberland reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time.


If any clarification is needed about these Terms and Conditions, please contact Lodges Northumberland.